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LTER Synthesis Webinars (2021-2022)
LTER Fall-Winter Synthesis Webinar Series

All webinars are 11am PST

>>Sept 15, 2021 A global synthesis of multi-year drought effects on terrestrial ecosystems Principal Investigators: Kate Wilkins, Colorado State University, Osvaldo Sala, Peter Wilfahrt, University of Bayreuth, Laureano Gherardi, Melinda Smith


>>Oct 20, 2021 Advancing soil organic matter research: synthesizing multi-scale observations, manipulations & models.
Principal Investigators: Will Wieder, Kate Lajtha.


>>Nov 17, 2021 Ecological Metagenome-derived Reference Genomes and Traits (EMERGENT).
Principal Investigators: Jeff Blanchard, UMass Amherst/HFR, Janet Jansson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Jorge Rodrigues, UC Davis, Lee Stanish, NEON, Margaret O’Brien, UC Santa Barbara, Jason McDermott, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


>>Jan 19, 2022 From poles to tropics: A multi-biome synthesis investigating the controls on river Si exports.
Principal Investigators: Joanna Carey, Babson College, KathiJo Jankowski, US Geological Survey


>>Feb 16, 2022 Ecosystem transitions: increased variability and regime shifts.
Principal Investigators: Cristina Portales-Reyes, University of Georgia, Y. Anny Chung, University of Georgia


>>Mar 16, 2022 Biosphere special issue on climate and LTERs
Presenters: Charley Driscoll and Julia Jones

>>April 20, 2022 Identifying environmental drivers of plant reproduction across LTER sites. Principal Investigators: Jalene LaMontagne, DePaul University, Elizabeth Crone, Tufts University, Miranda Redmond, Colorado State University

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